Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blog Rose and Meilea Jan 20-24th

            Sunday, January 20th, we headed out from the hotel and spa at 8am. We made our first stop at a Buddhist.The temple was set in a forest area with rocks and trees. We had a short walk from the parking lot toward the temple. At the temple there were altars set up for various gods and Buddha. There were different temple buildings which were on different levels that ascended up. At one of the areas there was a monk tending the altar and some of us gave a donation then we got a gift. Most of us got a CD with music of the monks chanting. They played some of the music over a speaker and it was very peaceful and relaxing. After we finished at the temple we headed to a tour of a factory. Barb was friends with the owner of the company back in the US. She was able to set up a tour of the factory were they made organic pesticides and food preservatives. The factory was large and had many different buildings for offices and processing of products. After the tour we had lunch then headed to the silk factory. We were able to have a tour and learn about how silk was made from silk worms.


   Monday January 21st, we had lecture with Dr. Peng in the morning and he lectured on Tuina or massage techniques. The lecture focused on kneading and percussion manipulations. We were able to practice massage techniques on each other which is an enjoyable experience. While practicing our techniques for massage Dr. Peng a.k.a Tuina master would share words of wisdom like "relax" and "no pain no gain". The massage in China are different from US ones because they us lots more force in massage and pain is a positive sensation. In the afternoon lecture we had Dr. Zhang and she lecture on acupuncture. We were able to practice insertion of the needles. The instructor gave us some napkins and acupuncture needles to practices our techniques. It is important to hold the needle properly and insert needle at the right angle. We all enjoyed the hands on learning.


            Tuesday January 22nd, we had clinical in the morning in Tuina (massage) and acupuncture clinics. We split up into our different clinical groups and observed various clinics treating patients with massage and acupuncture. In clinical we were able to receive and practice acupuncture on fellow students. In the afternoon we had lecture with Dr. Peng and the lecture focused on TCM therapies like moxibustion, cupping, and ear acupuncture. Before lecture we had the opportunity to practice acupuncture on each other. Moxibustion is a therapy where a plant herb is burned over the skin directly or indirectly. This therapy is meant to warm meridians, disperse cold,support yang, and resolve stagnation of the blood. Cupping is a therapy method which uses  a jar or cup is attached to the skin surface to cause local suction through negative pressure created by heat. Ear acupuncture or otopuncture is a therapy method using small needle or herb patches on ear to stimulate otopoints.

                        Wednesday January 23rd, we had a short day only with a morning lecture which was a continuation of Tuina massage techniques. The majority of the lecture consisted of hands on learning and practicing the techniques on one another. Following the morning lecture we all got together to celebrate Angela's birthday at a local karaoke restaurant. We enjoyed a few hours of signing songs of all kinds and eating a delicious birthday cake ordered specially for the birthday girl. After the celebration, everyone went their separate ways to eat dinner, journal, and read for the next day's lecture.

            Thursday January 24th, was our last day of learning about traditional Chinese medicine and we finished it up with another lecture about Tuina massage techniques. It was a great end to our class time here in Chengdu. Closing ceremony was in the afternoon following lunch and was a time that many of us could not believe to have come so soon. It felt like just yesterday that we all sat in the same room for opening ceremony, so to be back in the same spot was a bittersweet feeling. The professors and coordinators of our program surprised us with a CD gift of pictures from our entire stay at the university. Everyone was very appreciate to receive such a meaningful gift that captured the memories we will keep forever from this trip. Each student was also awarded a certificate of completion for the course and was involved in many more pictures to capture our last moments in Chengdu. Following the closing ceremony, everyone got in their last minute shopping at the local shops and then  headed off to pack up their belongings and abundance of souvenirs that were purchased during our stay. We altogether pretty much bought out China and will be bringing it home with us to say the least.



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