Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Arriving In Seoul. K Blanchard

We arrived in Korea late tonight and barely got checked in to our hotel
when I saw my cousins kiwook and kiwoon. They were waiting patiently for me
to drop my luggage off and then whisper me off for a night with my family
in-laws. They were so excited to see me and all of us piled into one car.
My two cousins had studied at WSU and acted as interpreters for me. They
took me to this great Korean BBQ restaurant. The first thing that I noticed
was the toilet controls were all in Korean! I didn't know what to push and
how to use it! It was an interesting experience to say the least. Before
sitting for dinner everyone took off their shoes and the seats were on the
floor. The BBQ pits were built into the table and the food kept coming and
coming! My family wanted me to try everything! BBQ, pumpkin salad, sushi
dishes, soups and teas!

After dinner we went to my uncle Yong Sous house, he lives in a large city
just outside of Seoul. The house was a small apartment with only two rooms.
There was living room that also served as a dinning room and as soon as we
got there my aunt went to pealing fruit and having me try everything! Five
people lived in this small apartment it was much different than our living
arrangements at home. There were two refrigerators, one they used for
kimchi. My cousins baby slept with him and his wife and was always held :)
even in the car. I was shown around and measured for a traditional Korean
dress then packed back into the car.

My cousins drove me to downtown Seoul and we toured through the city and
through a night market. It was huge and had lots of street vendors selling
anything and everything you could want. Lines and lines of food vendors as
well. The sides of the market was lined with high end shops and huge
advertisement signs. I tried some fried pancakes, they were so yummy!

After the market we headed to a cable car that took us up the mountain. As
we rode up we say all the new year fireworks and the lights from the city.
It was one of the best new years ever! When we got up to the top of this
small mountain you could see down to the city, it was huge! There was one
whole wall dedicated to locks. My cousins told me that couples bring locks
up to this point and lock theirs together onto the wall and then throw away
the key. This means you will be 'locked' together forever :) All kinds of
people were up there celebrating the new year! It was an amazing view and a
great night with my family! Though very cold!

When I got back to the hotel I discovered the amazing sauna in the shower!
It was wonderful after a cold night. The room was amazing! Heated floors
and toilet... Sauna! I was in heaven and though I was only in my room for a
few short hours that night I enjoyed every minute!

There was a nice layout for breakfast that included Korean soup and eggs. I
ate toast and cereal though. I knew I would be missing it when I got to
china. When we were finished eating the hotel staff washed our dishes for
us right behind the food. I felt bad giving her my plate to wash but she

Katie Ann Blanchard

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